Partner With Us

Partner with Culture Measures to help organizations become high performing by utilizing

analytics that align people, teams and culture. Our powerful tools and techniques are designed

to address a variety of real business challenges.  We help you solve client’s problems and

address issues related to individual and group leadership development, team communications

and problem solving, hiring and retention and company-wide culture alignment.

Why Partner With Culture Measures

Culture Measures Certified Partner Program is specifically designed to develop, grow and support your

business. As a Culture Measures Certified Partner, you can take our solutions to market in a way that fits

your business and your clients’ needs. You can leverage our unique platform to use data to better

understand where to focus your efforts to improve your client results.

We believe everyone in the organization is responsible for creating a high performing culture. By

understanding the leadership’s style and personality along with the overall culture of the

organization, specific solutions are created to help improve alignment and ultimately better business


Our current portfolio consists of the following:

  • Individual & Team Personality Assessments

  • Culture Assessments

  • Job Match Assessments

  • Workshop & Roundtables

  • Culture Alignment Services

  • Certification on all of the above

Certified Partners

Your clients count on you to provide Human Capital expertise with an ease of doing business.

Culture Measures provides you a powerful suite of tools to help you and your clients grow.


You are the trusted advisor, the one that helps drive strategy and productivity in your client’s lives. When

a client has a problem, they come to you to help solve it. Culture Measures helps you add significant

value by providing a proven methodology and suite of products to help your clients improve their culture

and achieve better

  • Business Coaches and Consultants

  • HR Professionals

  • Organizational and Leadership Development

  • C-Level Executive Advisory